Their story

is unique,

why not

publish it?

Don't regret not knowing the stories of those you love!


Everyone has a story, but biographies and memoirs are generally associated with those in the public eye.


Now, thanks to Bespoke Biographies, your story, or that of a relative or friend, can be privately published in a hardback or paperback book.


Bespoke Biographies specialises in privately published biographies that can be shared with family and friends. Something to treasure.

Life Events

Imagine receiving a fabulous biographical book on your wedding day, anniversary or birthday.

A Bespoke Biographies memoir is a unique gift that can be added to your own or someone else's wish list.


A privately published biography is the perfect way for you or a relative to tell their story.

In these fast-paced times, it is amongst the best ways of connecting with family members and friends.


Are they leaving your organisation? How about a superb biography produced with our help?

It's an ideal gift for those moving on or taking the time to enjoy their retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have much of a say about how my biography is written?

A. Yes, there'll be several opportunities for you to guide the writer during the interview stage.

Q. How long does it take to produce my biography?

A. On average, it takes eight weeks to research, interview and write each biography. The production, which includes correcting images, typesetting pages, creating a cover and printing the book, can take an additional two weeks.

Q. What is a private biography?

A. We produce private biographies for families, individuals and friends. They are limited circulation books and can be freely distributed amongst family and friends. They are not for commercial publishing purposes as additional considerations, including legal obligations, need to be taken into account. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Q. Who will write my book?

A. We only use published writers.

Q. Can I pay by installments?

A. Of course. We ask for a deposit when you book the service. Once the interview, writing and printing schedules have been agreed, payments for each section will be required before each part of the schedule begins (four payments in total). We offer a 5% discount if full payment is made in advance.

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